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My voting record at East Devon shows that I am committed to environmental policies. I voted for an earlier Carbon Neutral total, investing in charge points for Electric vehicles, and have encouraged environmental community group involvement in the Arts and Culture forum I chair.

A green recovery is the only way forward - changing peoples' habits and making Exmouth a sustainable, plastic free town would be beneficial and is something I strive for.


Exmouth has had a raw deal and I'm tired of being fed scraps by our local representative at Westminster when we were told we could expect millions.

Quite simply, I'll stand up for Exmouth and do all I can to make sure it gets what it deserves.

The Magnolia Centre is a priority for redevelopment - it's tired and, given the state of the paving, dangerous.

I'll also do all I can to promote Exmouth as a pleasant place to visit. Tourism, like it or not, is our lifeblood.


Transport in Devon is 20 years behind the rest of the country. A bus fare from Newton Poppleford to Sidmouth is £8 return - a journey of 4 miles. Our trains are hand me downs from other parts of the country.

I believe in order to achieve a greener future, affordable, frequent and comfortable transport is key. I will push for funding to subsidise rural bus services and build a network of town hubs that will serve the people at a price they can afford.

Social Care

Social care - so, the elderly or residential care for those with special needs for example, is both vital for users and employment opportunities alike.

It's vital that, given Devon's attraction for those retiring, and the elderly population we therefore have, I'll be pushing to make sure that is recognised and funded accordingly.

Additionally, it would be great if Devon County Council could foster an atmosphere of caring throughout all of its services.


Schools in Devon do a fantastic job. They do so against a backdrop of declining funding for special needs children, and support services that are stretched to the limit. CAMHS, the support service for mental health referral of young people have a waiting list so long it's not fit for purpose - and through no fault of its own. I will push for funding from central government to improve this situation.


I will do all I can to protect and improve the Devon economy so we can thrive and prosper after Covid 19...

A familiar promise. But sincerely said.

Working with East Devon District Council to encourage small business growth and the offer of reduced fees and charges for businesses which encourage carbon reduction and sustainability.

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