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Autistic / Neurodivergent Friendly Business Resource Page

Hi there - thanks for showing an interest in displaying a neurodiversity poster! It can be downloaded for printing at the bottom of this page, along with some smaller buttons, images and images for your website / social media posts.

This is designed for small businesses and shops who feel they are able to offer a place where autistic or neurodiverse people can be made to feel comfortable, and which takes account of their needs. If you display this poster, all staff should be aware of what it means and the obligations you've agreed to take on.

However! It doesn't mean everyone needs to be an expert on Autism or working with Neurodivergence. If in any doubt, just be led by the customer's carer or the person themselves. Ask questions where appropriate and listen to any advice you're given by them. They now themselves best!

There are various resources on the internet which can help and I'll eventually link to them here.

A good start woud be the National Autistic Society - What is Autism? page.

Autistic Children and Dental Care

I was asked to include this guide to dental care for the neurodiverse population on here and I think this is a great resource that gives good, clear advice on what is an extremely difficult thing to get through.

From Byte:

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