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Keep Our Kids Safe

Hi all,

Just to say that I have had a long chat with Jenna, who has started this incredibly popular new group on Facebook.


I’m extremely limited about what I can say at this point due to us being in the lead up to the General Election - Purdah rules prevent me from saying anything political in a public space at all at the moment. I've asked that comments be turned off as I can't get into any discussions that'll get me in trouble! I can have them privately though, so email me on

However, as soon the election is over, we need to bring together all of those parties with an interest in this and talk things through with a view to finding a solution. Whoever the new MP for Exeter and East Devon is, I’ll be asking them to attend, and I’d hope that the Police and Crime Commissioner, local representatives from the force, Exmouth Community College and any relevant council officers will also be there. And of course representatives from the important people in this - you and potentially your children, the ones truly affected by the current issues.


I’ve also had a request from traders on the Strand for such a meeting - there is clearly a lot of strong feeling about this and, living close to the one of the hotspots, The Strand, I do see this first hand.


More to follow, hopefully.



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