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COVID Restriction Grants Still Available - Don't Miss Out!

You may have seen stories like this in the press, saying that local authorities haven't paid out money for COVID restriction grants - they seem to suggest we're all hoarding it for a rainy day! This is simply not the case - and it ignores the fact that we're trying to pay it out!

The truth is, if it's not spent it goes back to central government.

EDDC have not paid it all out because we've simply not had applications numerous enough to exhaust the funds. We've struggled because some funds up to now have had tight restrictions on who we can give money to and why. Central government, eh? They want to help - but only some of you! However.....

I urge business owners who haven't yet claimed to...

* Look at the EDDC Additional Restrictions Grant Page...

*....and apply! If you don't think you're eligible, give them a ring, talk to them and discuss your options - if they can find a way to help, they will.

* Claim if you can! What have you got to lose?!

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