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Devon County Council Elections on May 6th - I am Standing!

I have decided that I need to stand for the Exmouth ward in the upcoming county council elections.

I can represent you in a way which I feel you haven't been over the last term -

I will actually listen.

I will actually vote in your best interests.

I will not vote to close a hospital, unless a like-for-like, local equivalent service is available.

I will actually care, not just say that I care.

I am proud of my achievements as a district councillor and want to be able to do more.

I have worked with our local Conservative representatives as a district councillor for the past two years. They've been helpful at times, less so at others.

But several things have troubled me.

As representatives of the Conservative party, they are complicit in the activities of their national party - namely questions about the moral fitness of those who lead us to run a country. Robert Jenrick, Boris, Matt Hancock, Priti Patel among others. We're bombarded by titbits of news throwing doubt on their fitness to govern. And if our local Conservatives fly the party flag on their leaflets, it means only one thing.

Your local representatives support dishonest national politicians.

I cannot stand for this and believe that given the nature of politics in East Devon that an independent candidate offers the best opportunity to change that.

More to follow - hope you're not bored by May 6th!

Oh, and vote Joe Whibley on May 6th! Ta!

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