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  • Cllr Joe Whibley

Exmouth Residents’ Parking.

After what seems like decades, Devon County Council's HATOC committee have finally published the results of the Exmouth Town Centre parking consultation.

It's something I said I'd like to get involved in when running as a councillor, but after my election it became fairly clear that, despite the fact that East Devon District Council run car parks and therefore this is really important for them, neither side was really willing to engage with each other. I learned a lot from that!

Anyway.... The Results!

In brief, the proposals are as follows:

All of the areas consulted will get some form of residents‘ parking. There are exceptions where individual roads voted against - where this can be implemented and it not affect surrounding roads, they will not get any restrictions.

The maps below show all the roads which will get parking permits as things stand, shown in yellow. For all other colours on the map, there is a key in the last picture.

Is this the way it will look when it’s introduced?

Yes and no... but mostly yes. The principle of residents‘ parking permits and importantly, the roads that will get them have been agreed, and it is very, very unlikely that this will change.

if you have any minor changes such as enquiries about dropped kerbs or areas on street corners, for example, where you feel the parking permits may not quite function correctly, you are encouraged to contact either the highways department at Devon County Council, or Councillor’s Scott or Trail (all details below). Ultimately, and somewhat surprisingly, they will have the final say on what changes can happen, in association with an officer at the county council. So if you want anything to change, they’ll need to agree with you...democratic, eh?!? 😉🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️ All restrictions will be in place from 8am to 8pm. This may well have an impact on commercial vehicles being left in the colony overnight - I really hope it does. All of the ancillary roads and adjoining roads where they are often left are included in the scheme, so I’m hopeful. As I say, we just have to cross fingers and hope.

It should have an effect on the number of people commuting to Exeter and leaving their car in the areas surrounding Town, and holidaymakers leaving their car there for weeks at a time.

As far as I can make out, at the time it is introduced, you can apply for as many vehicles as you want, so if you own 36 cars, you can have 36 permits....... I’d like some reassurance that large fleets of builders vans etc cannot get permits at the start. This defeats the object of the whole scheme, I’d say. EDIT - I’ve been told by Councillor Scott that the only way a business will be able to apply for a permit is if it is based within that zone. Hurrah!

After that, people will be limited to two permits per address.

When will it happen? Who knows, but it’ll not be an overnight thing.

As for the cost, it seems no details on the price of a permit has been announced.

If you’ve contacted me, I’ll be in touch soon. Feel free to email me at if you have any further questions.

Contact Devon County Council Highways on 03451551004

Councillor Richard Scott

Councillor Geoff Trail

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Dec 19, 2020

It’s good to see that at last something is finally being done about the residential parking.

Question . There exists a massive and dangerous problem of people parking on corners particularly in narrow streets too. This may prevent or seriously delay access to emergency vehicles ie Fire Appliances. Refuse collection is also hampered by dangerous parking. Many of the roads in question need to have double yellow lines painted on corners to comply with the highways act and make it an offence to dangerously park.

Could you find out whether the council have any intention to look into this matter.

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