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Queen's Drive Meeting - You can attend virtually!

On the 25th of January at 10am, East Devon District Council is holding the latest in its meetings on the future of Queen's Drive. You can attend and watch virtually and, if you're quick, register to speak at the meeting.

This month, the more interesting items on the agenda include...

- a discussion and possible decision on the temporary attractions to be put in what is currently the overflow car park.

- A report on Ocean, and presumably how it has been affected by the pandemic (Ocean is now being discussed in these meetings too as it is so close to the Queen's Drive Site.)

- Agreeing to appoint specific staff to help develop ideas and engage with the public.

- plan future Queen's Drive meetings.

This is your opportunity to keep in touch with what is happening. Get involved, as without public involvement, this process means far less.

The agenda can be found here...

The meeting can be viewed here...

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